Premium Alfalfa Hay for Horses

Because Your Horse Deserves Only the Best

You’re up with the sun every day ensuring your horse gets the best possible treatment — and that goes for their diet. At Spiked Glass Ranch, we’re committed to the growing and shipping of premium hay grown specifically for your horse — and baled in a convenient, smaller size that is easier to handle.

Why Spiked Glass?

Alfalfa hay is scientifically proven to be one of the healthiest food options for your horse. Full of protein and calcium, alfalfa hay is guaranteed to boost your horse’s energy with fewer carbohydrates than other feed options.

But the benefits of our bales go beyond nutritional value. These 36-inch bales are designed specifically for ease of shipping and stacking.

This is the highest quality, most conveniently handled hay on the market.

Carrying a hay bale

About Us

With generations of experience growing and making hay, Spiked Glass Founder Cort Jensen is rewarded each and every day when he sees the results of a hard day’s work, whether it’s planting or harvesting.

At Spiked Glass, we live to see our bales make a difference in the health and wellbeing of your horses. The countless hours of hard work and dedication to our product pays off as soon as we see it stacked, loaded, and shipped to your farm.

“I love to see the fruits of my labor. I love to see the hay go down, being put up in nice, green bales stacked in the yard, and new hay coming up in the field.”

– Cort Jensen