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What makes Spiked Glass premium alfalfa bales better than the rest?

Convenience and ease of handling is what makes Spiked Glass Ranch stand out. Our bales are easily shipped and delivered right to you. Best of all, our bales are packed with vitamins and nutrients guaranteed to fill your horses with energy and help them reach their full physical potential.

How big are the premium alfalfa bales from Spiked Glass Ranch?

Spiked Glass Ranch uses a baling system from Bale Baron that packages small, 36-inch, square bales. These bales, which are sold in bundles of 21, are especially designed to be loaded and shipped in trailers. Our bundles can be handled multiple times in and out of storage while retaining their original shape.

How are bales from Spiked Glass Ranch shipped and delivered?

Spiked Glass Ranch uses its own trucking company, Spiked Glass Trucking, to deliver the bales to your home or farm. Once delivered, we’ll use a forklift to unload the bundles ourselves and stack the bales wherever you’d like.*


* Disclaimer: Unloading and stacking of fully intact bundles is included in the price of delivery. If for any reason the forklift is unavailable or cannot be used to unload, or a bundle is broken, customers will not receive a rebate or refund. If a bundle cannot be unloaded using the forklift, bundles may be unloaded by the customer at no charge OR by the delivery representative at a cost of $5 per bundle.