Premium Hay Products

Explore Our Product Line & Find the Right Feed for Your Horses

At Spiked Glass Ranch, we specialize in growing the highest-quality alfalfa on the market, but our product offerings go beyond just straight alfalfa. Explore our line of premium hay products and find the right option for you and your horses.

Ask us About Special Discounts on Bales!

Bales are made to order and may include dietary supplements on request. All our hay is sold in bundles of 21 bales, each of which measure 36 inches and are designed specifically for easier shipping and stacking. Once you place an order, your bundles will be shipped to you through Spiked Glass Trucking, unloaded by forklift, and stacked for you.*

* Disclaimer: Unloading and stacking of fully intact bundles is included in the price of delivery. If for any reason the forklift is unavailable or cannot be used to unload, or a bundle is broken, customers will not receive a rebate or refund. If a bundle cannot be unloaded using the forklift, bundles may be unloaded by the customer at no charge OR by the delivery representative at a cost of $5 per bundle.