Fall Three way – Triticale, Wheat and Barley

Fall Three way – Triticale, Wheat and Barley



Pasture Mix

When you want to provide a meal, you want a little variety. That’s what our pasture mix offers your horses. With a wide variety of nutritional benefits in each bite, our pasture mix covers a spectrum of dietary needs for your horse. Available while supplies last.

Each bundle includes 21 36″ square bales.

Local pickup is available for all orders at no extra cost; Please select that option at checkout.


1-30 Bundles – Flat Rate Shipping
30-60 Bundles – 2x Flat Rate Shipping
61-90 Bundles – 3x Flat Rate Shipping
90+ Contact us directly for shipping costs

Guarantee the unloading of your grass hay!

* Disclaimer: Unloading and stacking of fully intact bundles is included in the price of delivery. If for any reason the forklift is unavailable or cannot be used to unload, or a bundle is broken, customers will not receive a rebate or refund. If a bundle cannot be unloaded using the forklift, bundles may be unloaded by the customer at no charge OR by the delivery representative at a cost of $5 per bundle.


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